Do you offer international shipping?

Yes I do! I currently ship almost everywhere except Germany due to recent packaging restrictions. While the option for selecting shipping to Germany is available (Big Cartel does not allow for editing individual countries shipping) I will have to refund any orders that come in.

Also for orders going into the EU/UK, be aware that VAT laws may cause a delay in shipping and an extra fee when orders arrive to customs!

If your country is on the USPS Suspension List, then I cannot ship to you! (This does not include countries listed in Priority Mail Express, I can still ship to you)


Stamps Shipping

I offer cheaper untracked shipping for stickers and prints smaller than 6x8" for the US and Canada only! (listings with stamps eligible items with explicitly say which items are eligible but you can still ask if you're unsure!) If you'd like to pay untracked shipping, write it in at checkout and I will partially refund your shipping!

US Untracked - $1
Canada Untracked - $3

I HIGHLY recommend selecting shipping with Tracking since I cannot do anything if untracked mail is lost. If it's been over a month and your untracked mail has not arrived, I will reship your order for free up to 1 time!

Processing Time

I drop off orders every Monday before noon, unless it’s a holiday or I'm out of town (then I drop orders off on Tuesday). If do not drop off orders on Monday or Tuesday, it means I'm waiting on shipping supplies. Feel free to email me if you have any concerns!

This does not include items available for preorder. See individual listing for processing time.

Also please double check your shipping address, if your address is incorrect or unverifiable, I will be unable to ship until it has been fixed. For those cases I will contact you. If I do not get a response, I will wait 2 weeks and then refund your order.

What do I do if it’s been several weeks and my order hasn’t arrived?

If it’s a domestic order (within the U.S.) Contact me immediately, there might be a chance that your order went missing after it shipped. While I don’t have control over the order after I’ve handed it to the post office, I have options available for reimbursement. 

If it’s international, shipping times can vary because of customs, please contact me if you have concerns though!

If I forgot to include an item in your order that you paid for, let me know and I will ship it out (you don't need to repay for shipping in that circumstance)

If an order gets sent back to me for whatever reason I will contact you to reconfirm your address before reshipping your order. If it is impossible to ship or I don’t receive a response from you after 2 weeks I will refund your order.

ALSO If your order is sent back to me in any cases, you will need to repay for shipping for me to ship it out again. This applies for both US and International orders.

What do I do if my order was damaged when it arrived?

While I don’t allow returns, exchanges or cancellations, I’ll judge each case individually and have options available for reimbursement.