Animal Crossing Sticker Sheets

Animal Crossing Sticker Sheets

Each sheet is 4in x 5.675 in

Animal crossing stickers (4 packs to choose from)

A: Apollo, Hopper, Rolf, Cherry, Orange, Isabelle, Apple

B: Tom Nook, Gayle, Flick, Snake, Peach, Pear, Lucky

C: Daisy Mae, Drago, Zucker, Sea Bass, Gummy Dom, KK Album redraw (Shiina Ringo)

D: Harvey, Raymond, Gulliver, Coelacanth, Bunnie lollipop, KK Album redraw (Ayumi Hamasaki)

Stickers will be glossy vinyl and waterproof!

*Eligible for Stamps shipping option (US and Canada only)